Katelynn’s Touch Hair and Skin Care

With the Commercial Market being saturated with “natural ingredients”, it makes you wonder how natural are the products you are buying. Lately, I been noticing that the average consumer especial everyday moms with children have been converting to natural products for hair and skin. When you look at the ingredients on the products, have you been told that if you cannot pronounce the words, then it’s not good for you. Well, most of us are just wanting a better lifestyles internally with our bodies. This is why I developed a 100% all natural Hair and Skin Care line called Katelynn’s Touch Hair and Skin Care.


2 thoughts on “Katelynn’s Touch Hair and Skin Care

  1. It’s the same way with food. “natural Ingredients” on anything is just another word for chemicals. Too many people only see the word natural and assume it is good for you – even organic. Today we have to take the initiative to research what we eat and what we put on our skin. If we don’t we will pay the price. I rarely use anything other than water on my skin and coconut oil but I’ll check out your products. Also, thanks for coming to mynameisjamie.net. I’m going to reblog this on my other blog.

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